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Laboratory Centrifuge Machine

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Model: MSB-CM-06-01

Super Deal table-centrifugal machines are widely used in the laboratory or produce department for organisms、 medical、 chemistry etc. Our lower speed centrifugal machine with the maximum speed 4000r/min and be equipped with/without timer. It mainly be used for the appraisal radioactivity and separate cell or particle

  • Tk. 8000
Has a maximum capacity of 6 x 20ml and a maximum speed of 4000rpm, making it a great choice for low volume sample separation.
Intended as a worktop centrifuge
Compact and quiet enough to install in an office or classroom as well as in laboratories and medical settings
The speed dial ranges from 0-4000rpm and it has a 0 to 60 minute timer.
Safe, compact and quiet to use
Ideal for home and educational settings

Put the machine on a level and strong table and keep the working room clear, dry and ventilated. 
Indoor temperture5- 32℃ is ok Open the power supply and make sure the indicator lamp is light. 
Open the cover of the machine, clear the rotor and container. 
Put the test tube (with same weight) into the machine. 
Put down the cover of the machine .
Adjust the timer as your requirement. 
Switch ON the power. Adjust the governor as you requirement. 
Before you are going to stop the work, you should adjust the governor to \"0\" first, and then clean the container and rotor.

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