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Avante Waveline ECO Patient Monitor

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Avante Waveline ECO Patient Monitor

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User-friendly, high-resolution patient monitor offers superb performance

The cutting-edge innovation of the Avante Waveline ECO measures up to six parameters on a high-tech, low-power screen. With six easy-to-use interfaces to choose from, this patient monitor is perfect for any clinical setting.

The Avante Waveline ECO is the top choice for health care professionals who demand high performance and precision, and is available through Avante Health Solutions. For more information, contact your Avante representative today.


  • Standard, 3/5-lead ECG, RESP, SPO2, TEMP, NIBP 
  • Optional parameters: EtCO2, Nellcor SPO2, Suntech NIBP and IBP.
  • Designed for use with adults, children, and neonates.
  • Large storage function for NIBP measurement, alarm event, trend diagram/table review, etc.
  • Large font display to offer clear view of all vital signs.
  • Optional touchscreen with convenient lock-out function.
  • Enhanced storage compared to other leading monitor brands:
    • 2000 NIBP measurements
    • 200 alarm events
    • 48 hours waveform data
    • 1000 hours trend diagram review
    • 1000 hours trend table review
    • 120 minutes dynamic trend



  • 12.1 inch display
  • 800 x 600 resolution


  • 3.5 hour battery duration

Interface Options

  • All leads display interface
  • Trend coexistence interface
  • Large font Interface
  • NIBP review interface
  • Respiratory oxygenation map interface

Data sheet

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